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Yes I Can   Abdus Samad H. Siddiqui

Yes I Can

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
To be a better person tomorrow than what you are today, you have to achieve goals and attain success. The basis to the success is the thought of “Yes I Can”. If you want to kick the ‘t’ out of can’t from your life and turn it on with the expression ‘Yes I Can’, this is the book for you. Through this book you will understand how to fuel the passion of success within yourself, which is nothing but a strong “Yes I Can”. There are eight principles and elements that are fuel for your ‘Yes I Can’ passion - Know Yourself, Crush the Enemy Called Fear, Nothing is impossible, Think Big and Innovative, There Is Always a Choice, ‘Never Give Up’ Approach, Game without Ball and Disability is Lack of an Ability. You will find yourself accepting more challenges in life and achieving your dreams, after reading this book. Let’s start the journey towards success.
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