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Entrepreneurship-related factors and firm performance   Roslinda Ali

Entrepreneurship-related factors and firm performance

256 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The housing industry in Malaysia is dominated by the private sector. The Malaysian government has been actively encouraging the Bumiputera to endeavour themselves in the industry. Yet, their involvement in the sector is still conspicuously under-represented. This study is conducted to establish a relationship between entrepreneurship-related factors of the registered Bumiputera housing developers in Peninsular Malaysia in relation to firm performance. Findings obtained from the survey indicated the sampled group perceived attending courses before business initiation, maintaining the business in current states that they were involved in, and establishing personal networking with the local authorities and bankers significantly influenced the success of their firms. In terms on entrepreneurial characteristics, results indicated propensity to take risk showed a negative significant relationship with firm performance. At the end of this book, few recommendations were made to the government...
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