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The Customer Satisfaction in Tourist Systems   Antonio Usai

The Customer Satisfaction in Tourist Systems

160 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
How is it possible to identify the needs of tourists in order to effectively target the definition of the tourism product? This book starts from this question, gathering requests and suggestions of the policy makers, convinced of the importance of the customer to make truly competitive its production system "tourism". To determine the pattern and analysis tool more appropriate, we started from the identification of the object of general analysis, production systems, to achieve the application of the theories of customer satisfaction also used for the tourism sector. The case history proposed is the application of an innovative analysis model, tested and monitored for three years, from which emerge reliable data to assess the customer satisfaction of the guests of the tourism system of Sardinia, as well as obtain valuable information that can guide the definition of a competitive tourism product.
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