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Fund-raising for film festivals in Europe   OLGA BAUER

Fund-raising for film festivals in Europe

124 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A film festival phenomenon originated in Europe in 1930s and spread around the globe in the subsequent decades. Nowadays, different types of film festivals exist and almost all countries hold at least one international film event. The characteristics of cultural policies and the structure of financial agreements in Europe resulted in a necessity for festival organizers to be creative in their fundraising strategies. A film festival is impossible to survive without the support from its multiple stakeholders, such as central and local governments, sponsors and business community, media, filmmakers, and the host society. The film festival is a phenomenon embedded in the attention economy, event management, and the film industry, and its most important role is to translate cultural and artistic values into economic and social ones. The book explains financing mechanisms of film festivals considering the role which these cultural events play for the economy, society, and the arts. It may...
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