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Perception of Management, Staff and Student towards the HDSAUs   Brigitte Okonga Wabuyabo M.

Perception of Management, Staff and Student towards the HDSAUs

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book traces the perception of management, staff and students of the Historically Disadvantaged South African Universities (HDSAUs) on these institutions. This perception has been triggered by the impact of the apartheid regime in South Africa over a long time, until the country got independence in 1994. During this regime, the HDSAUs served students of black, Asian and Coloured races, while the Historically Advantaged South African Universities (HASAUs)served students of White race. It is revealed that the HSAUs were well funded with excellent facilities, unlike the HDSAUs. This perception has resulted in most students and employees prefering to study and offer their services, respectively, to HASAUs. The book also gives suggestions from other scholars, researchers and writers as to how this perception can be positively enhanced to enable these institutions to gain competitive advantage over the HASAUs. It is the researcher''s conviction and that of the few...
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