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Energy Strategy Formation in the Middle East and North Africa   Ralf Matthias Dyllick-Brenzinger

Energy Strategy Formation in the Middle East and North Africa

696 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Energy challenges have emerged in MENA countries which threaten security of supply, fiscal stability, and environmental integrity. While the magnitude of the challenges evidently differs from country to country within MENA, reflecting the specific national conditions and circumstances, the energy challenges themselves resemble each other across borders given the similarities in the underlying drivers and the governing energy policies. Compounding the pressure to act, these challenges must be expected to become more severe in view of the current policies, in combination with the emerging demographic and economic trends. Rising living standards, especially among the region’s expanding urban population, are set to boost per capita energy consumption. The research project presented in this book aims at making a dual contribution to policy reform in MENA countries. Firstly, it proposes a MENA-specific methodology for the development of integrated, comprehensive energy strategies. Secondly,...
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