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Development of Branded Fashion from Latvia   Lasma Simsone

Development of Branded Fashion from Latvia

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Riga fashion shows used to be among the most important in the whole Soviet Union; however, after regain of independence dramatic economical changes and sudden influx of foreign fashion affected the industry heavily in Latvia. There are only few brand names left, and new ones are struggling to get attention of media and public. Well equipped factories export all the production, often without their brand; and local fashion designers are reluctant to mass produce their designs. This book investigates the fashion industry in Latvia and its potential for development with emphasis on branded products, considering designers'' and mass producers'' relations with retail channels, media and customers. By using the SWOT analysis tool and examples of world''s practice these findings are evaluated, and best development strategies are suggested. The analysis are valuable not only to representatives of Latvia and other post-Soviet countries but also to professionals in Fashion...
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