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Laws and implementation of the maternity leave   Omar Faroque

Laws and implementation of the maternity leave

72 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Garments industry has a supreme importance in the economy of Bangladesh. At present, 3.60 million workers are working in this sector, whereas 85% are female. Female workers need maternity leave as they are main source of human generation. Maternity Leave is an important benefit to the female employees to increase organizational loyalty, efficiency and job satisfaction, particularly in the garments industries in Bangladesh. They are exploited hugely in case of leave benefit, especially in maternity leave. Sometimes workers are terminated, discharged and dismissed before or after maternity leave period. Descriptive statistics and both zero order correlation and chi-square method have been performed using the data from five hundred and twenty female workers experiencing at least one child at the different garments in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This study will be helpful to know the maternity leave and benefits of the world as well as local and also be very supportive to the international...
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