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Managing Economy on the Polish Example   Sebastian Bakalarczyk

Managing Economy on the Polish Example

156 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present monograph is an analysis of chosen areas of the Polish economy in recent years. Time span for the diverse data sets can be varied due to the fact that the described data obtained from different sources is published at different dates. The book has fourteen chapters and contains the following: Polish market overview, productivity, education, technical development, economic growth, real estate market, labour market, exchange and interest rates, inflation consumer and producer prices, and banking system. The book is mainly addressed to foreign students in Poland within the framework of exchange programmes. It could also be useful for remaining students of economic faculties as Polish students leaving Poland may have to communicate more frequently with foreigners and read texts in English so the handbook will allow them to talk about the Polish economy and its specificity freely. English-speaking Poles can also be addressees of the book when trying to understand the Polish...
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