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Evolution of Crude Oil Price Term Structure   Georgi Marinov

Evolution of Crude Oil Price Term Structure

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The focus of the book is on the lessons that can be learned by "reading" the crude oil price term structure correctly - i.e. in formation of trading strategies or making forecasts. The analysis goes back to the period when trading crude oil was becoming popular and traces the conditions that led to the inevitable need for creating oil futures and markets where they are traded. The main aim of the book is to go into the details of the crude oil price term structure in order to understand how it reflects the prevailing market conditions and how the various market participants use it in their strategic decision-making activities. This book could be helpful to students who are interested in crude oil and the economics behind crude oil and crude oil products; to post-graduate students and researchers who are interested in deepening their knowledge of term structure as used in the crude oil industry; to professionals who want to explore the practical implications of concepts such as...
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