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Valuation for M&A Purposes   Joao Cicarini

Valuation for M&A Purposes

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The process of valuing a company may have different purposes such as M&A, IPOs, pricing shares, settlement and may use different types of valuation methods. These methods should be consistent with the purpose of the valuation so that it may reach the real value of the company. The use of inappropriate valuation method may result in opposite reality that will lead to enormous losses due to the fact these methods are based in different principles. The understanding of its principles is crucial so that the analyst in charge of a valuation can choose the right approach. This book will focus on assets valuation, more specifically valuation methods of companies for M&A purposes. Despite the high importance of a valuation in a Merger and Acquisition deal, unsuitable method is used. There are also doubts and questions and no precaution in using long-established valuation methods. The lack of time and information worsen the situation since professionals use old methods...
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