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Fast Food, Rapid Turnover   Mobeena Hamid Akhtar

Fast Food, Rapid Turnover

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The problem and primary aim of this study is to disclose predictors of employee turnover and create an understanding of the impact management has and the role it plays in actively shaping the degree of employee satisfaction and ultimately the attachment to the employer. The purpose of this research is to reveal useful knowledge for the literature as well as the examined organization on how to control employee turnover through management behavior and attitudes. Furthermore the aim is to gain greater insights into the extent and kind of impact management has in shaping core organizational matters.To explore this dynamic, a multi-method approach is adopted in which seven fast food stores in Germany, all sharing the same corporate label, under the same franchisee are examined. A combination between a grounded theory and case study approach is adopted. The former is in the shape of semi-structured interviews which are analyzed qualitatively and the latter is in the form of demographic data...
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