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Quality Management   Afif Hossain and Olena Martynenko

Quality Management

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The quest for improving Quality Management(QM) has become a necessity in today’s intensely competitive global market-place. This increased interest in QM has opened the doors for new philosophies to emerge concentrating mainly on developing and adopting new quality standards. Due to the recent shift from the Shareholder view to the Stakeholder view many organizations are adopting CSR practices in their management system. Further, growing servicization in manufacturing industry is trying to adopt Service-Dominant view. This facilitates to examine Quality Management philosophy in terms of defining concepts like value creation, customer co-creation. In this book the authors has conducted a longitudinal case study on LEGO to find out the links between the quality improvements strategies of the company based on international Quality Standards, Service Innovation, Brand Management and CSR practices, and how this link leads LEGO towards a Sustainable Business. The authors also advocate that...
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