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The Entrepreneurial Spokesperson in Perpetual Action   Rikke May-Olsen

The Entrepreneurial Spokesperson in Perpetual Action

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A review of existing literature on the field of entrepreneurship to date suggests that most academic literature on the subject is largely concerned with economic, financial, and psychosocial preconditions for entrepreneurship. Little attention is given to explaining the practical processes and actions by which an entrepreneurial business is developed. Providing a new perspective to existing literature, this case study presents a functionalist approach to examining and explaining how organisational and business practices are undertaken in the entrepreneurial firm, The Last Bag. The study examines, from an ANT perspective, how the entrepreneur navigates around the pitfalls that threaten the survival of a small entrepreneurial firm. It suggests that the success of an entrepreneurial firm is ultimately dependent on alliance formations and and an actor's ability to 'interest' other actors into an 'actor-world'. The case study is potentially of interest to scholars in the fields of...
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