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Quality of Work Life of Doctors in Public and Private Hospitals   Swarupa Pelleti

Quality of Work Life of Doctors in Public and Private Hospitals

288 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Health need is an important concept in public health. Importance of health to a person is such that without good health nothing becomes meaningful to life.Providing healthcare to all citizens is one of the social obligations of the government in a democratic country. In this context, hospitals and doctors play a predominant role in keeping people in good health. Doctors are the backbone of the health care system. They are able to offer good service to their patients only when the environment in which they are working is congenial to offer such services. Whether it is government hospital or a private hospital, what should be done to give good quality of work life of a doctor in a hospital to motivate him, boost his morale and makes him give his best to the patients has been probed in this research work.
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