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A Hybrid Approach for the Design of the Supply Network   Sutthipong Meeyai

A Hybrid Approach for the Design of the Supply Network

148 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The aim of this book is to make an inquiry about the facility location problems and related issues in supply chain and logistics management, and the use of modelling approaches to solve these problems. The results show the background of the facility location problems, the importance and the basic questions of these problems. The taxonomy of facility location problems with eighteen factors is presented. The basic static and deterministic problems in facility location including the covering, centre, median and fixed charge problems are discussed. Also, the extension of facility location problems comprises of location-allocation, multi-objective, hierarchical, hub, undesirable and competitive problems. In terms of uncertainty, dynamic, stochastic and robust facility location problems are presented. Finally, strengths and weaknesses of different modelling approaches are discussed; importantly, gaps from the review process are identified. Recommendations of future...
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