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Communication - Influencing HIV/AIDS Related Behavior In Young People   Andrew Kyambadde

Communication - Influencing HIV/AIDS Related Behavior In Young People

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Young people are a vital human resource for the future generation of any society. With a keen interest in addressing young people’s health communication demands, there is a need to examine the main practices and approaches that can improve HIV/AIDS and STDs communication flow. This work, therefore, aims at drawing the best approaches, lessons and practices that can be used to access HIV/AIDS and STD information to young people in Uganda. The findings reveal that involving young people in programme preparation and implementation is important in building good context-specific IEC/BCC initiatives and partnership linkages. The findings indicate that all adapted lessons can bear fruit only if well monitored, evaluated, and backed by research/results that are well documented. This work recommends that targeting young people should consider the local socio-cultural, political and infrastructural communication challenges in context. This work provides a good platform for individuals working...
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