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Economic Stimulus Projects In Educational Institutions In Kenya   Ann Kinyua

Economic Stimulus Projects In Educational Institutions In Kenya

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There Are Many Reasons As To Why Economic Stimulus Can Be Provided. These Include Averting Financial Disasters Or Coming Out Of A Tight Corner. Economic Stimulus Packages Are Mostly Announced By National Governments, Just When A Particular Country Has Faced Some Sort Of Economic Problem And Is Trying To Come Out Of It. Between 2003 And 2007, The Kenyan Economy Was Growing Quite Fast. However, Due To Corruption Scandals And Political Unrest Which Resulted In The 2008 Post Election Violence, Business And Investment Projects Collapsed. In 2009/10 Budget, An Economic Stimulus Program (esp) Was Launched To Stimulate The Growth Of Kenyan Economy. The Program Was Implemented In Various Sectors, Which Included The Education Sector, Amongst Others. This Study Sought To Investigate The Role Management Played In Performance Of The Projects In The Educational Sector In One Of The Districts In Central Kenya. Various Management Aspects Were Investigated Against The Performance Of The Said Projects.
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