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Research Collaboration Between University and Industry   Abeda Muhammad Iqbal,Adnan Shahid Khan and Aslan Amat Senin

Research Collaboration Between University and Industry

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
University-industry research collaboration is an essential, effective and dynamic factor not only for development of social community but also for the development of the nation. Despite the enormous importance of this collaboration, there have been certain problems in successful collaboration, for instance time, trainings, differences in their perceptions, orientations and goals, intellectual property right issues, some other technological competency and fund and financial matters are the key constraints that generates some how proportional to this collaboration. Thus to tackle the basis of these problems and to analyze the strength and weaknesses of these technological linkage, evaluation of such collaboration is highly demanded. This book mainly focused on the development of evaluation model, that is not only responsible for the generation of evaluation metrics based on variables like constraints, success criteria, evaluation parameters and tangible outcomes but also highlights the...
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