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Disaster Management in India: Structure and Challenges   Jyoti Purohit

Disaster Management in India: Structure and Challenges

324 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Disasters are coupled to us since time immemorial. Many species are extinct due to various Disasters, like Dinosaurs are believed to get extinct due to the impact of asteroid on earth. With the exponential growth of industrialization in the last century, we have seen so many adverse effects on the earth like ozone layer depletion, more emission of poisonous gases to the atmosphere, global warming, climate changing etc. This has made our planet to more vulnerable to the disasters, particularly in the developing and under developed countries. The Indian subcontinent is the most populated region of earth with higher degree of vulnerability to Disasters. This book deals with the Disaster Management in India with its structure and challenges lurking to it. It also discusses the case studies of the two disasters which struck in two different regions in the last decade. The author has made random survey in the Kachcch (Gujarat) and Kawas region (Rajasthan) which were severely hit by the...
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