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Systematic approach to project outcomes evaluation.   Rugamba Muhizi

Systematic approach to project outcomes evaluation.

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Evaluation of development projects is becoming more and more important to both aid agencies, governments and beneficiaries. It has been found that most of evaluation of projects' outcomes were conducted and filtered according to the project sponsors lens without taking into account all the stakeholders involved in it. The book tries to correct such a mistake by evaluating an ongoing development project sponsored by the World Bank by including all partners (sponsor, government and beneficiaries) into the outcomes evaluation process. Methods applied, include questionnaire, interviews and field group discussions. The results found that, despite the argument that the amount could be usefully invested into the private sector, most of the stakeholders acknowledged that the project was a success. Review of this project highlighted common mistakes into the project evaluation, inherent issues found on the ground and several recommendations were presented.
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