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Evaluation of Flexible Capacity Strategy under Demand Uncertainties   Liu YANG

Evaluation of Flexible Capacity Strategy under Demand Uncertainties

160 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Flexible capacity strategy (FCS) has been adopted by numerous firms in different industries in the past two decades. This strategy reflects different abilities of firms in adjusting their throughputs to respond to different demands. As this strategy is prevailing, there is an increasing need to evaluate of FCS under different business environments. Very little academic literature has investigated FCS considering influential factors of business complexity. This book, therefore, provides a series of systematic evaluation of FCS under different considerations. Long term FCS evaluation, asymmetrical oligopoly competition model, endogenous adoptability of FCS among multiple firms and flexible degrees of FCS are formulated and analyzed. The analysis and research results should help shed some light on successful implementation of FCS, and should be particularly useful for professionals in capacity flexibility field and operation strategy determiners, or anyone else who ...
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