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Ethnic Population and Product Choices   Venkatesh Ramaswami

Ethnic Population and Product Choices

260 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The effect globalization has had on culture is immense and diverse. It has affected people's cultural behaviour in different ways. There is a heavy movement of men and skill. People are displaced in millions not because of any natural calamities but the vast opportunities that a liberalized world has provided. These millions of immigrants and settlers while living in the respective Host countries exhibit different behavior in their product choices. The traditional assimilation model suggests that the behavior pattern of these immigrants and settlers (otherwise referred as Ethnic Minorities) will become more like those of the host culture and less like those of Country of Origin. This statement requires verification as more and more of the ethnic minorities are settling down in various countries. Should manufacturers concentrate on making Global products or differentiate their products based on ethnic minorities’ choices is also to be examined. This book examines the effects of...
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