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Strategic Use of Marketing Technology for Customer''s Advisory   Mustafa Ozgur Gungor

Strategic Use of Marketing Technology for Customer''s Advisory

208 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the beginning of global higher-competition decades, organizations were forced to analyze and revise their processes for optimization. They needed to reinvent better ways to execute their core businesses. This challenge was linked to ever- changing needs based on dynamism in buyer behavior in parallel to increasing variety of offers in market place. From this perspective, focus of innovativeness to remain competitive enforced firms to develop new perspectives in consumer behavior analysis, whereby “customer''s advisory” is the core to pull this stakeholder group to the process of creativity. Research aimed to determine the factors those were used in achievement of strategic imperatives composed of superiority quest in financial success and value proposed to customers and therefore effective in understanding customer''s advisory. According to the findings of this research, Turkish organizations were found as open and capable of using customer''s advisory through...
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