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Workplace Incivility Is Bad For Business   Martina Carroll-Garrison

Workplace Incivility Is Bad For Business

296 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Managers, just as it is with representative employees, seek out and flourish in a work environment imbued with positive workplace behaviors. Yet managers do not always recognize that their personal management and leadership style serves as both a productivity enabler and a productivity reducer. Oftentimes a manager is not aware that his or her personal style contributes to the tone and tenor of the organization toward creating a civil and hospitable workplace. Managers generally profess to embrace the underlying principle of the Golden Rule within their work environment; however, they are frequently unaware of the gap between their personal intentions and their desired outcomes. The are perceived to not treat others as they wish to be treated themselves. The new theory herein suggests that managers who are trained in self-reflection and are adept at self-awareness can recognize, moderate, and mitigate the antecedents and consequences of workplace incivility. Self-aware...
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