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Surviving in Group Buying Markets   Ekaterina Ignatyeva, Tomas Pagirys

Surviving in Group Buying Markets

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Group buying is a new retailing and e-commerce phenomenon. Similar to the case of the .com bubble, it attracted many players with almost identical business model that led to consecutive competitive pressures, threatening the existence of many group buying companies. This book aims at analysing group buying firms and providing them with competitive solutions enabling survival on the marketplace. The research investigates three countries: Sweden, Russia and Lithuania, and employs strategic management, business model, entrepreneurship and other theoretical approaches. It considers the whole value chain by having 11 case studies of group buying companies, 3 cases of their suppliers and a quantitative customer survey. The analysis of theory and research findings leads to identifying the key success factors, strategic groups and forecasts of their future. Finally, 8 dimensions of competitive solutions are identified and 12 final solutions are proposed. The results of the research will be...
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