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Managing People at Work   Gerald Gyamfi

Managing People at Work

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book ‘Managing People at Work: A practical approach in the Ghanaian context illustrates some key points in the successful management of people. The book prepares men and women for the exciting, challenging and rewarding career of managing people in Ghana and the international community. It is a very useful guide for managers who do not have much experience in management. It will be of much help to aspiring managers who want to know the difficulties and problems confronting them and how to overcome such challenges. Topics such as disciplinary matters, handling grievances, harassment, bullying and counseling are treated. The book also discusses the qualities of effective managers. Any successful business depends upon the type and quality of the manager and this book contributes a lot in that perspective. The book examines other important issues such as effectiveness, integrity, customer care,delegation and accountability and human resources. This is a good book which ought to be...
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