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International Students' Difficulties in Intercultural Communication   Mukta Srivastava,V. Selva Lakshmi and S. Rama Chandran

International Students' Difficulties in Intercultural Communication

52 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The impact of globalization has made students to cross the boundaries to pursue their dreams in the field of education. During their journey of education, most of them come across a number of challenges. Intercultural communication difficulty is one of them. In this book, an effort has been made to study about the intercultural communication difficulties faced by international students in India and also to examine the factors responsible for these problems. The present study is purely based on the primary data. Pearson Correlation Analysis, Independent Samples T-Test, Multiple Response Analysis etc. are applied to analyze the data. Statistical calculations and computations are done through SPSS statistical package. With the help of the study, the institutes and universities will not only be able to understand the kind of difficulties these foreign students are facing but also the reasons of the same. And hence they may frame the strategies to eradicate these problems which will...
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