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Information System Adoption   TruongSinh Tran and Chi-Trung Hoang

Information System Adoption

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
SMEs play an important role in economies, including Vietnam''s. The need for ISs is now necessary in every enterprise. Most of published studies on information systems have been conducted in developed countries, with little in developing or less developed countries. From those few, there was no one focusing in Vietnam. This book examines the experiences of 7 Vietnamese SMEs when they adopted ISs. The authors investigated the reasons for, the process of, and the factors influencing information system adoption. The qualitative research method was used to answer research questions. Semi-structured interviews, content analysis and open coding were used as the data collection and analysis tool to explore participants'' experiences. The analysis resulted in important findings. It confirmed some reasons and factors found in the literature concerning information system adoption in Vietnamese small and medium enterprises. Despite some similarities, the authors found some differences, such...
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