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How Effective are Non-Monetary Employee Retention Strategies?   Iretomiwa Oluwole

How Effective are Non-Monetary Employee Retention Strategies?

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the continued state of economic downturn still in many parts of the world, there are new challenges facing organizations in keeping desired talent with little or no “extra-cash” to play with. New challenges require new solutions or new applications to known solutions. Uncovering strategies which may contribute to retaining key talent of an organization has become a strong point of competitive advantage. This book provides some very interesting findings of how Non-Monetary Employee Retention Strategies (ERS) can be adopted to improve an Organizations’ chances of keeping star employees. It reviews and critiques the different theories and concepts, linking ERS to key HR concepts such as talent management, motivation. Specifically, the non-monetary ERS studied in this book include: Organizational Brand, Job Content & Relevance, Learning & Development, Career Development, Performance Management and Management style. Using leading practices in information gathering and...
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