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Corporate Governance Practices   Anurag Pahuja and B.S. Bhatia

Corporate Governance Practices

304 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The subject of corporate governance has succeeded in attracting a good deal of public interest because of its apparent importance for the financial health of the corporations in recent decades. With this rise in importance, there arises the need for adopting quality governance practices. The present book makes a number of contributions in this direction as it aims to broaden the scope of the corporate governance literature with better conceptual understanding, providing an evidence for a positive relationship between corporate governance quality and firm performance; and the positive impact of board effectiveness on corporate governance. Besides being theoretically insightful, the book has several important managerial implications too. The findings in the book contribute to the current policy debate on the rewards to the companies for improving corporate governance.Thus it appears that managers should strive to improve the corporate governance of their companies which can be...
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