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The Consumer Cooperatives   Norazlan Hasbullah

The Consumer Cooperatives

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cooperative is defined by the InternationalCooperative Alliance as an autonomous association ofpersons united voluntarily to meet their commoneconomic, social, and cultural needs and aspirationsthrough a jointly-owned and democratically-controlledenterprise. The initial recommendation of establishing consumercooperatives in Malaysia was derived from thesignificant profiteering made by past businessactivities that were charging unduly high price forfood and clothing. Over the years, the consumercooperatives have expanded to become the largest byfunction and it is essential to comprehend what arethe contributions made so far and to identify theunconstructive matters that deferred it's advancement.This study tries to discover the issues andchallenges faced by the consumer cooperatives inMalaysia. Very few research has been performed inthis area, thus this research will present an insighton the scenario that is happening surrounding thisorganization. The findings will provide an...
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