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Coaching the Inner Leader   Mary Ellen Brantley

Coaching the Inner Leader

304 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"The CEO''s ''suit'' looks like a tuxedo from the front. Very formal, very polished. However, the back is a hospital gown, and your butt is always flapping in the breeze." That is how one of Dr. Brantley''s clients described his role as CEO of a high technology startup. The job of the Executive Coach is to make sure the hospital gown is closed, but also to hold up a mirror of reality to the CEO. The mirror reflects how the CEO perceives reality and shapes the mirror. This requires that the coach help the CEO gain both insight and perspective to the shape of the mirror he or she is creating. This way of transpersonal executive coaching changes forever the way the executive behaves. It is authentic, and people know it and respond to it. This book offers practicing executive coaches a new way of working with clients that helps them make lasting changes that can be seen both at home and at work. Packed with wisdom, the book contains case studies of executive'' journeys of personal...
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