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Urban Healthcare in India   Nethi Suresh Babu and Talluru Sreenivas

Urban Healthcare in India

268 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There has been rise of urbanization in India over last decade. It is estimated that 30% of country's population or about 300 million people live in towns and cities. This population is estimated to reach 534 million by 2026. This unprecedented growth in population poses challenges for the city governments in providing basic facilities to the people. As a result, cities in India are suffering with poor sanitation, unsafe drinking water, etc. In this context, this work tries to probe into the prevailing healthcare system in India in general and how it is being addressed in cities like Guntur in the state of AP, in particular. The researcher had chosen three different hospitals based on ownership in Guntur city for the study. They include Guntur General Hospital (GGH) completely owned by Government, NRI General Hospital under the control of corporate body and St. Joseph General Hospital under the control of Non profit trust, JMJ society. The study tries to analyze how far the...
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