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Project management and financing schemes   Joshua Owusu-Sekyere

Project management and financing schemes

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In order that infrastructure development continues in the light of the heavy financial burden of many governments, private sector participation is required. This requires establishing and adopting investment schemes that will be attractive to the business community as well as in the interest of the governments and citizens. A number of schemes, which attempt to involve the private sector, have evolved. Two of these, BOT (Build Operate Transfer) and PIM (Participatory Irrigation Management) have gained tremendous support from the World Bank and have been embraced and adopted in many countries. The World Bank continues to encourage countries, which have not embraced them yet to do so. In many of the developing countries adoption of these schemes pose a problem due to the pre-requisite policy formation and adjustment that has to take place. Governments may also have to give up control they have maintained in certain areas, and the private sector given a greater say. In the light of...
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