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Change, Project, Knowledge   Andrea Bencsik

Change, Project, Knowledge

188 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Knowledge Management (KM) is not an absolutely new management technique. Its methods are used by a lot of companies but it cannot be said that any company which has a knowledge management system, operates unexceptionably. The secret of success is hidden in the system approach, in the way of thinking, in scale of value, in attitudes which have become more and more important in the globalized world and societies. The goal of this study is to examine, how the logic of change management implementation and an analytical grid of success factors helps to build up a knowledge management system. This book shows a generally utilized changing logic extracting those essential elements that get similar importance in the course of building up a learning organizational culture. The utilization of change management logic as a project is indispensable for the successful formation of the corporate knowledge management system. Accordingly with the appearance of the demand for continuous learning and...
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