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Brand Image: An Application to the Hospitality Industry   Iliyana Popova

Brand Image: An Application to the Hospitality Industry

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A strong image is one of the key long-term success factors for a brand. After examining the meaning and the function of a brand, this research suggests how to improve its image. In particular, the book analyses the essential elements in managing a successful hotel brand. It evaluates the differentiating strategies to stay competitive and attract more guests. An emphasis is placed on the advantages achieved by building emotional connections and encouraging long-term relationships with customers. As empirical evidence, a study was undertaken to determine the impact that emotions play in the consumers' purchasing decision with a lodging facility. This research would be useful for hospitality professionals to better understand guests' needs and take adequate steps to improve their experiences. Consequently, they would be able to attract more loyal customers, increase their revenues and brand recognition.
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