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Social Entrepreneurship   Lindy Dinah Mataboge

Social Entrepreneurship

120 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
South Africa is a country with substantial natural resources as well as human and financial capital that if used effectively could take it out from the scourge of poverty and inequality and unemployment facing South African population especially among the youth. The field of social entrepreneurship has been long identified by western countries as an area where provincial and local authorities have set up policies that enable social entrepreneurs to implement business approaches to social problems. Youth social entrepreneurship is growing and gaining recognition. Definitional attempts of social entrepreneurship have proliferated. These book is aiming at highlight the perceived attitudes of youth towards SE and identify the constraints that youth perceive as barriers to engaging in social entrepreneurship. The book also highlights the challenges faced by youth and barrier posed by English language creating in understanding the subject matter. The Author believes that Social...
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