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The Dark Side Of Spiritual Management   Liubov Penyugalova

The Dark Side Of Spiritual Management

156 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present research is aimed at analyzing spirituality according to the way it is presented in academic management literature. To uncover comprehensively the way this phenomenon is described, a thorough scientific analysis of the selected articles was performed including coding the materials, systematically categorizing them as well as critically investigating particular aspects. While conducting the literature study, the selected and studied academic articles were analyzed from a range of standpoints such as cultural influences, mobbing/bullying, availability of unique practices, what spirituality is according to the articles, how intellectually and emotionally the sources affect a reader, etc. This study shows how the academic literature presents spirituality, viz. it describes only the facade of spiritual management while the core (direct discussion about managing one‘s spirit) is silenced and not addressed by researchers. In spite of this, the concept makes an impression of...
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