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Mind-Body Management Education (MBME) for Self Development   Soohee Cho and Sanjeev Sonawane

Mind-Body Management Education (MBME) for Self Development

380 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
This study of MBME (Mind-Body Management Education) program accepts a common sense approach that “self-development” is a natural part of what we can call “maturity,” which can happen to people during their lives – and is highly desirable. Clearly, self-development involves both the mind and body of the individual, and this book follows the original Eastern understanding, and current Western scientific understanding, of the unity of the mind and body. We are all aware of how the mind affects the body. But less well appreciated, changes in the body will affect the mind. From these perspectives, the mind and body are totally interdependent entities. The state of our minds affects our bodies – and vice versa. Mind-Body Management Education (MBME) is designed to provide participants with a physical movement program that includes the following qualities: Flexibility, Awareness, Balance, Breathing, Beauty and Grace. The hypothesis for this research project is that if an individual...
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