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Conflict Management in Estonian Family Business   Peeter Klanberg

Conflict Management in Estonian Family Business

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study of conflict management in family businesses in Estonia has been very limited to date. This topic has been widely studied in the US but mainly as a study about which conflicts arise and how they have been solved. In this paper I'd like to bring some light on the issue of how conflicts have been managed in Estonia and how we might find out about potential conflicts' sources between family members early on. The research question of the thesis is: to what extent are family members in Estonian family businesses aware of their potential sources of conflicts? What are the areas of conflicts and which families have more conflicts and which less? Which methods do family members in Estonia use to avoid conflicts? Can we find out potential sources of conflicts before they arise in order to develop measures to avoid/ limit conflicts in the future?
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