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Effective Knowledge Transfer in Complex Organizations   Stephen McLaughlin

Effective Knowledge Transfer in Complex Organizations

292 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The research outlined in this book is concerned with understanding how organizational performance can be improved through effective knowledge transfer. In particular, the author is interested in organizational performance as it relates to those organizations that rely on core horizontal business processes, such as those found within a supply chain. Many organizations develop knowledge strategies to try and utilise existing knowledge within their organizations. However, this process tends to be developed from a top-down perspective, and deployed on an organization-wide basis. It is the researcher’s contention that this is not a suitable approach for developing an effective knowledge strategy for supply chain / complex organizations. It is the contention of the author that in order to develop and define a suitable method for knowledge strategy development and implementation, how knowledge and information are created and shared along core business processes must first be understood....
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