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The Best Approach to Service Selection   S.M.Hamzeh Kheradmand and Mohammad Radjabi

The Best Approach to Service Selection

128 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Service selection is the aim of this study that is concluded via developing a model in drilling services of oil and gas industry. This model tries to make it easy for service companies to form a package of services to meet market needs in a profitable way. Since the drilling service market is a very strong competitive environment, it is very difficult to enter market and stay for a long time because this industry depends on various factors that affect providing quality service to cover clients' demands. With regard to variety of services, that are more than 20 types, and have their own technology level, it is very important to study market in all aspects, and then select a plan to develop and apply suitable services. So the purpose of study is: "Developing a model to facilitate selection of services with appropriate technology levels in Iranian oil and gas drilling companies to achieve a proper service package"
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