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Promoting Gender Equality and Women''s Success in Business   Dr. Khetsiwe Dlamini

Promoting Gender Equality and Women''s Success in Business

104 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In South Africa gender oppression was institutionalised in the laws as well as in the customs and practices of our people.Within our racially and ethnically divided society, all women have a lower status than men of the same group do in both law and practice. And as with racism the disadvantages imposed on them cross the economic, political, social, domestic, cultural and civil spheres (Frene Ginwala, 1999). Promoting gender equality and the success of women in micro-businesses will facilitate the integration of women in the formal economy, and economic growth (Raymundo, 1998). This study should be used to bear testimony to the strength, tenacity and perseverance of black women in South Africa (Nunes, 1998). The study shows that women are able to maintain themselves and their families, despite all odds. It suggests that supporting women, and highlighting their plight, should not suggest that women are victims, and incapable of helping themselves.
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