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Knowledge Management Basics   Krishna Kishore

Knowledge Management Basics

140 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this competitive world, corporates work hard to know about every event happening around them. Events in our surroundings give us cues on opportunities as well as threats. Change is continuous. Every second world in changing around us. To stay competitive, companies can not afford to work in traditional ways. Corporates have to go for knowledge oriented automation where every departmental process flow like a river. Believe me implementing knowledge management in an organization is very tough and tedious process. After all effort an organization puts, this process flow facilitates clear storage and documentation of data. Learning doesn't happen overnight. It comes with an experience and cost. Unlike classrooms, life first conducts exams then teaches lesson. But corporates cannot afford to fail in exams. It is about survival, economy and a lot more. Learning will come to help when data, information or knowledge is in its place to search all possible alternatives in complex...
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