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The rise of E-tailing in India   Yuvraj Samant

The rise of E-tailing in India

60 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India, a country with the potential of becoming a superpower in future has a unique traditional system of retail marketing, but there is a marked change in the recent past, and hence the book tries to study the concept of online retailing in India which is in it's nascent stage.It examines the reasons for the e-retailers rise in the country. The Kearney’s Annual Global Retail Development Index® 2012 puts India as the 5th most developing Retail Country in the World attracting the world’s largest and best retailers, but it’s a pity that only 2% of that is contributed by the Online retail sector. On the other hand the RNCOS Industrial Research has predicted that the E-retailing market in India will grow at about 39% during 2013-14. The book in a simple, lucid and concise manner goes on to discuss the problems faced by new entrants in the Indian e-tailing market. The author suggests strategies and models for a successful venture into e-tailing in the country. The book also briefly...
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