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Sustainability in the Coffee Sector   Francesca Righi

Sustainability in the Coffee Sector

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today's debate about Corporate Social Responsibility is focused on the concept of “sustainable development”. This work wants to question if sustainability and profit are, or not, mutually exclusive. The belief is that sustainability is today the key driver of innovation, and that integrating sustainability in a firm's strategy can provide a competitive advantage by creating a long- term economic, social, and environmental value. The case of Nestle Nespresso S.A. is presented as a successful example that, thanks to a unique approach, has been able to respect the three principles of sustainability and to ensure abundant supply of high quality coffee, while protecting the ecosystem, and helping coffee farmers' living conditions. “Dignified growth is not possible without sustainability; our possibilities for growth are conditioned by ecology. Intelligent inventions and wise investments will ensure that people and nature find a new equilibrium”.
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