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Power Sector Reforms and Development in Andhra Pradesh   Dasariraju Bhaskar

Power Sector Reforms and Development in Andhra Pradesh

252 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Electricity is one of the important infrastructures for economical development. It is the prime mover of growth and is vital to sustain a modern economy. The growth of economy in a developing country like India mainly on the performance of it’s power sector and it’s development. It is a prime indicator of the prosperity and progress of a country. In view of its importance, our planners have made laudable efforts to promote the power sector to attain self-reliance and sustainability in our country. Considerable amount of financial outlays have also been earmarked from time to time in addition to technological up gradations to promote the power sector during various five year plan period. Andhra Pradesh was one of the first few states have initiated reform in the power sector. As per the central government reform policy, the state of Andhra Pradesh appointed a high-power committee in to look into the matter 1995 and based on its recommendations, the APSEB was restructured in...
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