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Realigning Human Resources   Nicholas Langshaw

Realigning Human Resources

176 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Saskatchewan Power Corporation (SaskPower) is a Crown-owned electrical utility spanning an extensive geographic area. Faced with a myriad of environmental, economic, and operational pressures, it must shift towards a more strategic approach. This study investigated how SaskPower''s corporate Human Resources (HR) department, by positioning itself as a strategic business partner, could become more effective while positively impacting corporate culture. Using action research this thesis explored senior management''s perceptions, attitudes, and values concerning the creation of a more customer- focused service model. Based on the research data, and subsequent analysis, marked differences were found in the client feedback concerning HR''s performance in terms of roles, service, and functionality. This major project provided impetus for HR to make the transition from a traditional transactional model to a collaborative and strategic approach. The project bears significance...
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