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Human Resource Management among NGOs   John Yaw Akparep

Human Resource Management among NGOs

168 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
NGOs play very significant roles in development. They create and offer employment. The NGO sector is an important employer in terms of numbers. Their remarkable increase in number and size has however to a greater extent come about without critical examination of their actual performance—their management of human resources inclusive. Indeed, NGOs have lately been praised by the media in most instances as being rescuers perhaps because of their distinguished records of being in the forefront in response to the needs of society. However, we cannot be complacent of their performance from inside. For all their laudable success, some NGOs have been guilty of poor practices, wastage and a lack of professionalism. Of particular concern and interest in this debate is their practice of human resource management; stemming from the fact that, the practice of traditional personnel management has been mistaken by many for human resource management. This book is thus not only useful to students and...
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